One Leading Application – Two Service Options

Secure Mobile provides the ease of use normally associated with consumer-grade apps but with infinitely greater security.

Serious About Security

Designed specifically for organisations that are serious about security and wish to protect not only the content of communications, but also the associated meta-data. This means no-one even knows you are having a conversation, let alone what that conversation is about.

Secure Mobile provides secure voice calls, video calls, one-to-one and group messaging, voice and video conference calls, file attachments and sent/ received/read message status. We have consistently innovated over the last 10 years ensuring our customers are provided with the highest level of security for their mobile communications.

Secure Mobile prevents your mobile communications from being intercepted by devices such as IMSI catchers, hacks using the SS7 protocol or WiFi interception. It enables secure collaboration between trusted colleagues when discussing commercially sensitive information such as corporate intellectual property, financial transactions, and customer details.

Depending on your requirements you can choose between our on-site solution Secure Mobile Direct and our cloud-based service Secure Mobile Virtual.

Secure Mobile Direct

Secure On-Site Communications

Our on-site solution Secure Mobile Direct allows your organisation to configure and manage your secure communications service in total privacy, restricting any outside connectivity.

Secure Mobile Direct provides ring fenced infrastructure software that can be installed on your own hardware, providing stand-alone call signalling and user management functionality for your private network, administered via your own web-accessible management console, as an alternative to using Secure Mobile Virtual.

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Secure Mobile Virtual

Secure Cloud-Based Communications

Secure Mobile Virtual is our own cloud service enabling our customers making secure voice, video and conference calls, including secure messages. Once you have licensed your mobile devices with us you can start making secure voice, video and conference calls, including secure messages.

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Comparison Table

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis verso.

Technology Secure Mobile Direct Secure Mobile Virtual Consumer Apps
Third party certified tick tick cross
Interoperates with existing unified communications systems tick cross cross
Support for private networks tick cross cross
Easy to add users tick tick tick
System fully supported tick tick tick
Meta data is private tick cross cross
Additional in-app security tick tick cross
Encrypted data in transit tick tick tick
Closed communities and groups tick cross cross
Contacts held securely and automatically imported tick tick cross

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